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CAPSTONE DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS (CDP) is a real estate development company exclusively focused on working with colleges and universities. CDP, as a Capstone Company, has been helping colleges and universities overcome real estate development and housing challenges for more than 25 years. Unique in the industry, CDP specializes in projects with direct university involvement, rather than simply building apartments in your community with little regard for your plans, your institutional objectives or your long and short-term goals. We have built our reputation on collaborating with schools, respecting the unique campus culture of our partners and working hard to establish creative solutions that align the interests of the municipal, private and university project stakeholders inclusive of housing and student life professionals, finance executives, presidents, facilities personnel and the many others involved in development on or near a college campus.

Our long term experience working within a team context of university administrators has allowed us to develop many tools and garner invaluable insight, experience and expertise that allow us to 1) build consensus among the various interest groups at a university, 2) structure transactions that achieve your desired results, and 3) create buildings and programs that compliment your campus context, culture, and that you can point to with pride. We value the unique qualities that exist on the campuses spanning the country and respect the individual quality and characteristics of a school. We don’t approach a project with a preconceived formula of how a structure should be crafted because of what we did on some other campus. We don’t follow a philosophy of one size fits all, rather as our Chairman and founder Mike Mouron often says, “we cut the pattern to fit the cloth.”

In 2000, Capstone opened a West Coast office in Encinitas, California. Our West Coast office focuses on partnerships with colleges and universities in the western region of the U.S., including Hawaii. The Capstone West team has completed major housing projects in southern and northern California, as well as in Washington, and Arizona. This experience includes the Taylor Place housing community for Arizona State University – Downtown Phoenix campus, which in 2009 was recognized by Multi-Family Executive magazine as “Student Housing Project of the Year.”

Capstone is a privately-held company. Our principals believe real estate is an industry best guided by decisions considerate of the implications beyond quarterly reporting to shareholders. As a company, we value nothing more than our clients, our reputation and our employees and have adopted the following mission and principles to guide our day to day activities and our ongoing decision making.

To be the unquestionable choice for any college or university desiring the highest quality student oriented development and the best possible client service.

FOUR CORE PRINCIPLES guide all company decisions and actions 
in the continued achievement of our mission.

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Employee Wellness & Satisfaction

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